¡Locura de Marzo!

cervantes pix

What happens when a passion for basketball collides with a love of learning language? 

The March Madness of NCAA Basketball is currently happening – and so is “La Locura de Marzo” Tournament!  At Sir Francis Drake High School, this project is a healthy competition between different Spanish 5-6 classes to try and see who is “La Persona Más Interesante del Mundo Hispano.” 

Brackets were set up with various significant historical figures from Latin America and Spain and the students’ task is to not only research their lives and contributions, but also present them (in Spanish) to an audience who will vote on which presentation was the most interesting. 

Senor Bodle and Senor Wilkerson have never seen such enthusiasm for verb tenses and moods such as the conditional and present/past subjunctive.  Last year’s winner was Miguel de Cervantes…this year’s coveted trophy and T-Shirt are still up for grabs.

It’s loco, it’s legendary, it’s legit!


Tristan Bodle y Aaron Wilkerson, Profesores de Español

Sir Francis Drake High School

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