Dispatches From Our Graduates

When I first took Spanish in middle school I struggled greatly with language acquisition and was eventually pushed out of the world languages
program.  When I eventually had to take Spanish again I had flashbacks of struggling through hours of conjugation tables and memorizing vocabulary lists.
When my middle school Spanish teacher told me I was not smart enough to learn Spanish she was wrong, I just wasn’t about to learn it her way.

My high school Spanish class was based on a TPRS (Teaching Proficiency Through Reading and Storytelling) language acquisition program that changed the way I thought about language.  The second language came easily to me through silly games and telling stories.  I in fact grew to love Spanish so much that I eventually majored in it at the University of Oregon, and went to become a Spanish teacher myself.

I am currently attending BVU to get my masters in Spanish Language Acquisition and learning that what I had experienced and felt first hand (that the old school way of teaching Spanish was ineffective, and that language could be accessible to all) is true.

Erin McCauley

Graduate, Tamalpais High School

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